DSC00785-001For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write and take photographs.  Throughout the years, my appreciation of the importance of food has grown and keeps growing.  I believe food is not only necessary, but also beautiful.  Preparing food can be creative and rewarding, and cooking and eating with others creates connections and memories with those around us.  I created this blog to celebrate the beauty of food and to share some of my favorite recipes with family, friends, and friends I have not yet met.  The recipes in this blog definitely lean in the direction of vegetarian, but there are some with meat as well.  I enjoy cooking with seasonal, local ingredients as much as it is practical and possible for me to do so (it is not always possible or practical, but I try, because it tastes best), and I especially enjoy using food we grow in our own garden.  We are all busy, so I try to keep recipes simple and quick, yet healthy and with as many whole foods as I can.  Sometimes, it is a luxury to make a meal that takes a whole afternoon to prepare, and there will be a few of those types of recipes as well.  I believe that food not only gives us energy to live a healthy, full life, but it also connects us to the ones we love, and to our seasons and our earth.  As writer Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings says, “Food imaginatively and lovingly prepared, and eaten in good company, warms the being with something more than the mere intake of calories.”  We turn to good food for vitality when we are hungry, comfort when we are down, and celebration when we want to share a happy occasion.  I like being part of the process of sharing the love of food.

I live in the Michigan countryside with my husband, two children, a dog, and a canary.

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  1. Hi, I am very new to all this blogging stuff & not a confident writer so excuse my poor attempt. I LOVED checking out your recipes & your photos spoke straight to my heart. I am going to follow you and will enjoy comparing the different seasons we have from one side of this AMAZING PLANET to the other (:


  2. Jenny, I don’t know where to start praising Dragonflyhome. The incredible photos? The fantastic recipes? Your positive, engaging, inspiring writing? I just love the way you tie a theme or a memory with a relevant recipe, and illustrate it so beautifully with your photos. You should be very, very proud of what you’ve created. You’re doing great work and you’ve earned a devoted follower (and I don’t follow anyone!) Thank you – keep up the amazing work.


  3. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving me a message Jenny. Your blog is wonderful. I love your photographs and I, too, love being part of the process of sharing the love of food! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.


  4. I’m so happy Fiesta Friday allowed us to connect! You have a lovely blog, and I’m looking forward to browsing through posts I may have missed…as well the ones yet to come. 🙂 (Thanks for the follow at my end as well.) Happy to connect with a fellow Michigander!


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